Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old Navy Flip Flops.....

OLD NAVY Flip Flops.....
Classic Flip-Flops for Baby
Fun flip-flops are just the thing for his precious little feet! Elastic sling-back straps hold them in place, while textured soles provide traction. Available in a variety of playful prints and strapping solids.

1 pair/RM28 (free shipping)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Victoria secret-available stock

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

pre-order Munchkin Travel Right Car-Safety Essentials

Munchkin Travel Right Car-Safety Essentials
Rm 120only (inclusive postage)
Read below to know more....
Car Seat accessory includes 2 White Hot Safety Sunblock Shades 1 Adjustable Auto Mirror and 1 Auto Seat Protector
Fits vehicles equipped with LATCH
Car seat safety pack is perfect for any type of automobile
Sunblock Shade is made of vinyl and blocks the suns glare and protects from harmful UV rays
White Hot Heat Alert lets parents know when car interior is too hot
Easy-to-use 2 step release button makes adjusting the shade easy
Adjustable Auto Mirror keeps baby in view at all times
Suction cup attaches easily to front or back window for rear facing seats
When child is forward facing the telescoping arm extends up to 6 in. for max. visibility
Mirror rotates 360 degrees
Auto Seat Protector fits all types of car seats
Auto Seat Protector dimensions: 19.5 x 35.5 in.
Seat protector folds easily for storage
Keeps car seat stabilized and prevents slippage
Features a cutout for LATCH anchors
Munchkin Travel Right Car -- Safety EssentialsCar seat safety is one of the most important issues a parent deals with. Finding the right equipment to keep the seat safe is a very important quest in the world of child car seat safety. With three distinct car seat accessories the Travel Right Car-Safety Essentials from Munchkin is the perfect car seat safety pack. This car seat accessory will provide piece of mind for mom dad and baby.Child car safety is very important issue. Having the right car seat accessories is essential. With Munchkin parents get a great car seat accessory. The Safety Sunblock Shade alerts parents when the interior of the car is too hot. There is an indication on the vinyl shade that will spell HOT when the car's temperature is too warm for baby. The Auto Seat Protector features a non-skid textured surface which helps prevent car seat slipping. A stabilizing wedge on the vinyl seat protector keeps it securely in place. Another car seat accessory found with this car seat safety pack is the Adjustable Auto Mirror. The mirror features a suction cup which will attach easily to either the front or rear window of the car. The telescoping arm extends up to 6 inches and will rotate 360 degrees to keep baby safe.

Monday, November 23, 2009


hey gals
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

new cloths

coming next is OlD Navy, Gap and ChildREn PlaCE
dont miss OUT....

Osh KoSH...

aLL FOr rm40 each including postage OR BUy 2 fOR rM75 (SAVE rm5)
fOR gIrlS

FOr bOyS




Age:6M & 12M




Friday, September 25, 2009

new clothss

hi galzzz
look out for my new collections early next week
more beautiful cloths for baby girls and baby boys