Sunday, May 17, 2009


let me tell a lil about myself
i am a mother of two lovely boys
my eldest is 16 mth old (suhayl)
and my second is a newborn just 2 weeks old (shumayl)
i am fully breastfeeding my newborn and still breastfeeding my first child (half)

y sell here?
as a mother we all want the best thing for our kids n affordable too
so that y i sell only selected brand of cloths which are goods and comfortable for babies
aside to cloths i'll be selling tea for those mother who love breastfeeding their kiddo
with this tea you have more confident in breastfeeding as it will help you produce more milk and of course with enough sleep/rest and nutrient intake
do feel free to drop me any Q's should you have any questions and maybe comments about breastfeeding or anything you'd like to share about motherhood....
enjoy breastfeeding....

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